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9 Unique Things About Indonesians

The unique things about Indonesian

「Assalamualaikum」- Hello jo, in this article I will write about 9 unique things that exist in Indonesia and are often done by Indonesians.
Cultural differences are one of the reasons why the following things can happen.

1. Always Smile To Everyone

Indonesian people will always smile at everyone they meet, this is a form of respect and appreciation. With a smile Indonesian people have shown respect for others.
Even if they don't know each other, Indonesians will still smile and say hello, often when they see a confused person they will immediately offer to help.

2. Eating without using a spoon is more delicious

Eating with hands without a spoon is common in Indonesia, according to Indonesians this method is very delicious and simpler and faster.

Before that, Indonesians would wash their hands thoroughly first. For some people in Europe this is something strange and dirty, as well as the Japanese. Eating without a spoon is impolite, but in Indonesia this is a normal habit. Even in official events they will eat this way.

3. Not Using Footwear

In big cities in Indonesia we will see many people walking without using sandals or shoes. Indonesians call it "nyeker", which means walking barefoot.

There is no definite reason why Indonesians like to do this, it could be because they can't afford sandals or shoes. This is not an oddity in Indonesia, but foreigners will be surprised to see it on city streets.

4. Shower 2 times a day

Bathing is a mandatory activity that must be done, for Indonesians bathing is done at least 2 times a day, namely in the morning when they are about to start activities and in the afternoon when they have finished their activities.

Foreigners will consider bathing 2 times a day is an oddity, because in their country they only bathe once a day.

5. Likes to Eat Durian

Durian is the most popular fruit for most Indonesians, its sweet and delicious taste is the reason why this fruit is very popular.

But strangely, foreigners are very disturbed by the smell of this one fruit, there are even cases reported that people who smell the durian smell will feel nauseous and faint.

A friend who was sent a durian fruit from Indonesia caused trouble at the post office because when the package was opened the smell of durian immediately spread throughout the room.

For Indonesians, the smell of durian is not so disturbing and natural.

6. Wake Up Early

The majority of Indonesians are Muslims who are required to pray 5 times a day, one of which is at 4.30 am. So that Indonesians are used to getting up early to carry out worship.

For foreigners it is too early to leave the bed, but in Indonesia activities outside the home often start at 5 am.

7. Squat

Squatting is common and something that is quite easy to do, but foreigners will find it difficult to squat.

This is because Indonesian people defecate in a squatting position, so they are used to it. When hanging out with friends in the park some Indonesians will only squat for a while.

8. Scrape

Indonesian people when their body feels tired and sore will do "scraping" which is rubbing the back with a coin to cause bruises on the back. It is believed to be able to remove the wind that enters the body, the result will relieve symptoms of aches after activities.

But it is a strange thing for foreigners, besides the very sore taste will also leave bruises.

9. Must Eat Rice

The staple food of Indonesian people is rice, when they eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, Indonesians will still consume rice.

Indonesians don't think they have eaten if they haven't eaten rice, so if they only eat bread made from wheat, they will feel like they haven't eaten because their stomachs are used to eating rice.

Those are 9 unique things that you will find when you visit Indonesia, don't be surprised if suddenly you are spoken to by them. Trust me they are good people.
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